11 Oktober 2009

When my heart's broken

When my heart was broken…
I felt like I put myself into a closed tiny box
Where there’s no air in it…
It’s so dark and small
No body wants to live in it

So hard to breathe…
So hard to move…
So hard to close my eyes…
I just cried so hard
And let the situation killed me softly

His name resounded in my head
Over and over again
The memories of us crossed in my mind
But I couldn’t do anything
I couldn’t fix it all

I was blind because of the darkness
I couldn’t move because I missed the key I made

Who has the other key to open it?
Hopefully he’s You
Who has the right key
To open my closed tiny box
To help me out from the sadness
So I can see the light outside
Smile to you
Smile to the beautiful world
Smile to everyone I meet

I have waited that moment for a long time
And I’m sure, one day you will open the box,
Give your hand and never let me down....

This poem is dedicated to You,
the man who has the right key...


E-I2-RIcH mengatakan...

hehe...very nice sist...
Salam kenal....

Kapan2 maen ke blog gw y...

Lowongan Kerja di update tiap hari (Freelance, Fresh Graduate, Employee) .......KLIK DISINI

rahasia yang terabaikan mengatakan...

Puisinya pke b.ing euy.........syg bgt....i cant be practice english.....so i dont understand the meaning of that "puisi"....i'm so sory friend.....but i realy know that you'r "puisi" is the most beautifull "puisi" in my blog walking to day.......thanks be4....succes for u.......ok (hehe bnyk yg salah ya?)

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