18 Maret 2009

Use Your Money Wisely, Friends....

Maybe we ever felt wondering, like this :

“Where all my allowance keeps going…?? There’s no money left… My wallet is empty…”….

Have you ever felt like that? Well, honestly, sometimes, me too… --“ hahaha….

Friends, there are so many causes to answer your questions. According to Safir Senduk (a financial planner who has written several books on budget planning), you are not alone. A lot of other teenagers and young adults feel just as frustrated because they have no idea how to manage their cash. To be able to make the best of your circumstances, you have to do this :

  1. Limit your expanses.
  2. Write your expanses in your Financial Journal.
  3. Try to make some money on your own.
  4. Put whatever you have managed to save into some profitable investment.

Okay, let’s start…

1. Limit your expanses

One of the first things adolescents need to do is carefully look at your expanses and figure out a way to economize. What do you pay for every month? Among teenagers and young adults, the big expenses are :

- Food

Getting together at their favorite hangouts, either after school or work, or on weekends, they voluntarily cough up some of their cash for shake of having fun. With mushrooming eateries offering mouthwatering food and drinks plus a cozy ambience, many big cities with local campuses and big companies are especially a real heaven for these social urban youths.

- Hobbies rank

Unable to resist their passions, many in this age group invest quite an amount of their ready cash in these activities. For example : spending hours at video game arcade or buying the latest technological gadgets are some of the worst money-guzzling diversions.

Nevertheless, there is a solution to such money squandering habits, that is, if you are really determined. The key to be able to set aside money is : SAVE FIRST, SPEND LATER. Routinely save at least 10% of your monthly allowance as soon as you receive it. In this way, you will never be completely broke.

2. Write your expanses in your Financial Journal.

It’s important if you want to know where all your allowance keeps going… Just make a simple journal, and fill it routinely. For example, the journal can be like this (that’s my journal, hahaha…. ^^v).

3. Try to make some money on your own.

One way to augmenting your savings is by making money. Always stay alert to opportunities for earning some cash. Using a bit of resourcefulness (limited money), you can turn almost any event into a potential source of profit. For example :

  • Be a blogger. You can earn some money from the advertisements on your blog.
  • Take a music concert. You can make good use of the occasion by selling all sort of knick-knacks of the performing artist.
  • Making handicraft. With limited money, you can use recycle things to make some handicrafts.

Performing this kind of routine will help develop your business skill, which will be useful when in later years you have to earn your own livelihood.

4. Put whatever you have managed to save into some profitable investment.

Investing money is another important thing in money management. If you decide to invest, you must know the safest and the least risky way to do it. There are many choices.

  • Saving money in a Bank. Opening a deposit in a Bank is one of the most popular ways
  • Insurance
  • Reksa dana. Reksadana is a kind of investment system manage by an investment management team. The money you save will be invested in many kind of investment products.
  • Gold Coins. It is good because the price of gold is surely increasing from time to time.
  • House. Everybody needs a house, right?

In summary, managing money is not impossible if you save regularly, earn, and invest your money. Do not let a passing temptation run your long term goals. As a Chinese proverbs say : “The longest journey starts with a first step”. Cut your unnecessary budget, seek for opportunity to earn money, and invest right now. You can live on a budget if you discipline your self.

So…. Use your money wisely, friends…..

Best Regards,


Adapted from explore 4 student book LBPP Lia


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